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February 14, 2017
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What Exactly Is Mediation?

*This is a guest blog written by Chamber Member, Wade Mitchell, of Wade Mitchell Mediation.*

Mediation. You hear the term all the time, but do you know what mediation really is, how to set one up, or even how to contact a mediator?

Mediation is the process of settling a dispute by the active participation of a neutral third party, a mediator. If you have ever asked someone to intervene in an argument to help you reach agreement with the other party, you have participated in a mediation.

What kind of disputes can me mediated? Almost any kind can be when all parties are willing to sit down to try to reach resolution. Business disputes, neighbor disputes, employer/employee relations disputes are all ideal for mediation.

So, how does mediation relate to lawsuits? Mediation can be part of the process of settling a lawsuit, or it can be used before incurring the costs of litigation. Mediation can be structured as formally or informally as the parties choose. Mediation can be used to resolve all the issues in a dispute or to narrow issues that ultimately may need to be decided in court. Mediation is a process by which you fetain control of the outcome. Mediation can also be kept entirely confidential.




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