Our Mission

Connecting, advocating for, and promoting businesses of all sizes in Western Lake County.

Our Vision

To foster a diverse environment where businesses and residents are proud to work, live, and play.

  • The WWLCC has been an amazing contributor to my personal and professional success. As a result of being a Chamber member, my business has grown tremendously due to networking events, sponsorships, participating in committees, and making a consistent effort to attend meetings. I always look forward to coffee networking, the ArtsFest, and meeting new people. There is no doubt in my mind that WWLCC is a great resource for any business and especially younger entrepreneurs. I hope to see you at an event soon!
    Alex Zinni
    Alpha Key Digital
  • Being a part of the Chamber has accelerated my business, business knowledge, and networking opportunities. The Chamber has helped me solidify my niche and build solid business partnerships in months that would have taken years to build!
    Rhonda Osagie-Erese
    Cre8ivrho Digital
  • I have been a part of the WWLCC for years. the staff has always been an incredible resource for connections and communicating the benefits of my membership. Their slogan says it all "Don't just Join, Belong" and there are so many ways to do that! When business came to a complete halt in March 2020, WWLCC was one of the first organizations I belong to that reached out with great information and connected their members via Zoom. They listened to their members and offered what was needed. For that alone, I am so grateful that I am a member.
    Tonda DiPlacido
    Mimi Magazine
  • The WWLC Chamber has been an essential part of my journey to success. Since joining in 2021, I've leveraged their coffee networking and many other events to acquire many of my clients for my business consulting practice. The staff of Dana, Donna and Tom are there to help grow your business while also assuming leadership roles within our community.  Many of the friendships I've formed and the business I've gained are all thanks to the Willoughby Western Lake County Chamber. Truly, it's more than just a membership – it's a vital component for my business…...as their slogan goes…. “Don’t just join, belong!
    Tony Picciano
    Top Sales Success Group, LLC