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April 11, 2017
July 2017 Newsletter
May 3, 2017

By Amy Neumann, Talent Strategy at Advance Ohio

Small business owners already have a lot to keep up with.  Hiring, regulations, day-to-day operations, strategy planning, you name it!


It’s easy to tell from the sheer volume of information flowing everywhere that digital is critical.  But if you wanted to prioritize, what are some main key things to review right now?  Here are some starting points.


A Mobile Website – More than three-quarters of the population, 77%  ( ) , now have a smartphone in the United States, according to Pew Research.   (As a $8 billion media company, we at Advance Publications see that the majority of all online traffic to our properties — over 60% — is mobile.  This is the dominant way people connect to information now.)


The fact is, when someone lands on a non-mobile, “pinch and grab” website on their smartphone, they immediately leave about 6 out of 10 times.   Why risk losing such a wide swath of your audience?


Not sure how your site rates?  Check it for mobile-friendliness here. ( )



A LinkedIn Presence (Individually and for the Business) – LinkedIn equals credibility and thought leadership.  It highlights you as the face of your organization.  It helps your business be more easily found, with information you can update and control easily.  And both personal and business accounts have free versions, so there’s no excuse not to do it today!


Here are 18 Tips to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile from Entrepreneur ( ) to get you started.



A Facebook Page – Even if you are in the B2B space or don’t do much involving consumers, humans are humans.  People still interact with Facebook at a very high rate, ( regardless of their jobs or industry.  And like LinkedIn, not having a Facebook page in this day and age is considered a big red flag for many people.  It’s like not having a website a couple years ago.  It creates a lot of doubt regarding credibility if you don’t have it.


A modest amount of updating, with adding value for your audience in mind, is all it takes on Facebook (or LinkedIn, or other platforms).  You can share articles from valuable business resources, tips and trends for your industry, local news, and other things your audience cares about that even loosely ties into your business.  What you don’t want to do is publish only promotional posts/updates.


While paid advertising for promotions works very well on Facebook, keep in mind that people use it mainly for entertainment and to stay connected.   This is different from LinkedIn, where it is heavily business-focused.  But on both platforms, providing something useful, helpful, and relevant (vs. self-promotional) works best.  Using paid ads on social media platforms tends to be most effective for promotions.


If you’re looking for more insights, please visit the Advance Ohio Marketing Tips blog ( ) for the latest tips and trends!


Amy Neumann  ( ) has worked with thousands of businesses and nonprofits of all sizes over more than two decades, helping them reach the right people, in the right place, with the right message to create positive impact. 


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