Nominations for the 2019 Annual Awards
July 11, 2018
How To Prioritize Networking
October 30, 2018

Thanks to all who attended the July Chamber Lunch on Power Networking!

I hope you weren’t disappointed to learn that “Power Networking” was not like “Power Dating”! “Working the room” does not mean that the prize goes to the person who meets and talks to the most people. In networking, it’s Quality that counts. Did you make any meaningful connections and have high quality conversations that may become friends, expand your network, and maybe even help you build your business? If so, then it was a successful networking experience.


As Zig Ziglar used to say, “Helping others achieve their goals will help you achieve yours.” So take the time to get to know new people at networking events, ask them questions about their business, their goals, and build meaningful relationships. If you can help them make connections with others who can help them achieve their goals, they’ll want to return the favor – therein lies the secret to building your network!


And most of all – have fun! Push your comfort zone and talk to someone new at every networking event you attend, and you’ll be amazed to see how your network – and potentially your business – might flourish!


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Marilee MacAskill


PS: Dale Carnegie wrote the book on building relationships! Check it out: How to Win Friends & Influence People could have a huge impact on your success!