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The mission of the Willoughby Western Lake County Chamber of Commerce is to promote and support business while enhancing economic vitality within Willoughby, Willoughby Hills, Kirtland, Eastlake, Lakeline, Timberlake, Wickliffe, and Willowick. We're developing a great environment in which to live and work.

New Member FAQ's

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1What is a "chamber of commerce"?
A chamber of commerce is an organization of businesses seeking to further their collective interests, while advancing their community, region, state or nation. Business owners in towns, cities and other territories voluntarily form these local societies/networks to advocate on behalf of the community at large, economic prosperity and business interests. Chambers have existed in the US for more than two centuries, with many having been established before the jurisdictions they represent. The Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce is a strong network of more than 550 diverse businesses and organizations. Our members include big and small, traditional and pioneering, and tech-savvy and creative businesses and nonprofit organizations. The Chamber works to support entrepreneurs, encourage innovation and promote economic growth in the Western Lake County region. We offer networking and educational events and provide support for public policies and more.
2How would the chamber help my business?
It would depend on what your specific business needs are. If you're a small company, networking, marketing, and visibility options would help bring you face-to-face with your potential customer base. For medium to large sized businesses, legislative advocacy as well as professional development provide value.
3Is the chamber part of the city government?
No, the Willoughby Western Lake County Chamber of Commerce is a totally separate and independent organization. We are a 501c(6), which means that we are a non profit organization; however, we operate as an association versus a charitable organization. Our chamber does work closely with elected officials in all the areas that we serve. We also work to provide our members with opportunities to meet with and connect with local officials.
4Do I have to be a member to attend a chamber event?
We offer our potential members the opportunity to try out a chamber event to see what we are all about. We find that most people who come to our events end up joining right away! If you are interested, you may attend up to 2 chamber events as a non-member. After that point, we welcome you to join the chamber of commerce to enjoy all the events we hold year round to help you grow your business network.
5What if I am a small business owner and cannot attend many events?
Our staff will gladly sit down with you to discuss your options! The goal of our event planning committee to to provide a wide variety of opportunities for members to network. Our chamber hosts events in the mornings, mid day, and evening hours to accommodate a wide variety of schedules. Even if you cannot join us for many networking events, your business will still reap benefits from your membership! Your business will be listed on the chamber website with a click to your business page. You will also receive a listing in a special insert in the annual September issue of Cleveland Magazine. In addition to these powerful marketing pieces, your business can take advantage of major discounts that will make your membership very valuable.
6How do membership dues work?
We have an annual investment due each year that begins at $200. The investment per year is based on the number of employees that you have. Your membership investment is due each year on your anniversary of joining the chamber. Below are the details on annual investment: 1 employee: $220 2 - 5 employees: $230 6 - 10 employees: $250 11 - 25 employees: $275 26 - 50 employees: $300 51 - 100 employees $425 101 - 150 employees: $500 151 - 300 employees: $625 301 - 500 employees: $900 501 - 1,000 employees: $1450 1001 + employees: $2000 Municipality, Library, or School: $200 Civic Member: $50
7What geographic area do you represent?
Our chamber of commerce serves the following communities: Willoughby Eastlake Kirtland Wickliffe Willowick Willoughby Hills Lakeline Timberlake If your business is located in or serves these communities, we want to meet you!
8How can my company gain exposure through the chamber?
There are many ways the Chamber can help spread your message. Here are just a few ideas. * Sponsor events or programs * Attend networking sessions or present at educational sessions * Advertise in our chamber e-newsletter or on our website * Exhibit at one of our annual EXPO's * Participate in discounted media buys * Tag us in your Facebook or Twitter posts These are just a few ideas. We have more and would love to brainstorm with you. Just contact us to start the conversation today!

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